Due to following reasons, Prerna enterprises has become one of the popular Electromagnetic Flow Meter manufacturers in India

Prerna Enterprises is one of the leading Electromagnetic Flow Meter manufacturers, suppliers and traders in India. These flow meters are widely used to measure both clean and dirty liquids, sewage, wood puplp, slurries, and waters. We supply the best quality electromagnetic flow meters to various industries such as waste water treatment, chemical, paper & pulp, food processing, mining, and many other industries for flow measurement purposes.

Electromagnetic flow meter - Descriptions and principles:

Based on Faraday’s law of induction, electromagnetic flow meter is used to measure flow rate. It consists of electromagnetic coil that creates a magnetic field which helps to generates electromotive force (voltage). With the help of this voltage, the flow inside the pipe can be measured. This flow meter does not contain any moving parts.

What are the benefits of our Electromagnetic flow meter?

With an innovative technology, our expert team design electromagnetic flow meter in quality features and specifications which are follows as:

  • • Being a well-known industry in the market, we offer the superior quality electromagnetic flow meter at affordable rate.
  • • Our flow meter does not affected by any conditions like density, temperature, pressure and flow disturbances.
  • • They are used as bidirectional meters.
  • • It requires very less maintenance
  • • Our electromagnetic flow meters are also suitable for highly corrosive liquids and slurries.


Slurry, waste water, chemicals, corrosive and abrasive liquid

Electromagnetic Flow Meter