Why we are one of the leading Digital PH Meter manufacturers in Pune?

Prerna Enterprises is one of the leading Digital PH Meter manufacturers, suppliers and traders in Pune. Based on client’s requirements, we offer a variety of digital ph meters in different specifications for measurement applications in laboratory. We provide these ph meters at affordable rate. Thus, there is huge demand for our products in the market.

Ph meter is connected with the display to show the result, such ph meter is known as digital ph meter. It helps to measure voltage between two electrodes and display the corresponding pH value. Our digital pH meters provide the accurate measurement of the solution. They are highly durable, reliable, and easy to use. It requires very less maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage 230 V, AC
Range of pH 0 to 14
Frequency 50HZ
Type Digital
Usage Laboratory , pharmaceutical etc


We are one of the prominent Digital PH Meter manufacturers in Pune for offering a wide range of such meters to various industries in a short time period. Our digital ph meters are found in many reputed industries like water purity, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical etc.

Digital PH Meter