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Prerna Enterprises is one of the prominent and reputed flow meter manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, India, UK, UAE, and Dubai.

Our expert professional team are highly engaged in manufacturing and supplying the superior quality flow meters for measurement applications.

We offer various kinds of flow meters such as diesel flow meter, paddle wheel, water, electromagnetic flow meter, digital and magnetic in different component

Our electromagnetic flow meters are manufactured using premium-quality raw materials. We design and fabricate our products with different features in compliance with industrial norms and standards. Our flow meters are highly durable, reliable, flexible, and portable.

Flow Meter

What is Flow Meter? How Does it Work?

A flow meter is device used to measure mass, density and flow rate of liquid, oil, or gas which passes through medium like pipes.

How Does it Work?

A flow meter is a device used to measure the rate at which a fluid (such as a gas or liquid) flows through a pipeline or system. There are various types of flow meters, each with its own working principle. I'll describe the basic working principle of a common type of flow meter, the differential pressure flow meter, also known as an orifice flow meter


Due to following quality features of our flow meters, we become one of the popular Flow Meter manufacturers in all over India. Our flow meter:

  • • Suitable for low viscosity liquids measurements.
  • • Provides low costs for installations
  • • Requires less maintenance
  • • Available in customized options.
  • • Very easy to use and install


We supply an extensive range of flow meters to various industries for measurement purpose applications.

  Water Supply and Treatment

  Oil & Gas Production

  Chemical Processing

  Energy Production


  HVAC Systems

  Food & Beverage

  Environmental Monitoring


  Wastewater Management





  Research Lab

Our flow meters are widely used in the industries such as chemical, oil & gas, automotive, mining, waste water, pharmaceutical, power plant and many other industries.