Why would you choose our PH meter in Dubai?

Prerna Enterprises is one of the leading PH Meter manufacturers, suppliers and traders in Dubai. We provide the best quality Ph meter to measure acidity or alkalinity of liquids. Our PH meters have high resistivity and conductivity. With the innovative technology, our professional team manufactures ph meters in a variety of specifications for laboratory as well as industrial applications.

What is ph meter? How does it work?

PH meter is electronic device used to measure alkalinity of the liquids. It consists of three components such as electrode, probe and input meter. Ph electrode is used to detect hydrogen ion concentration. If the hydrogen ion (H) is greater than hydroxyl ion (OH) and ph value is greater than 7, then the liquid is acidic.

Where the ph meters are used?

Our ph meters are widely used for healthcare and clinical applications in chemistry laboratory, soil measurements in agricultural and many other applications.